Grass-fed leather
Serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
Bison Bags
The best leather bags
Grass-fed leather leaf bags to last a lifetime. A gift to evoke inner strength and purpose.
Earth-friendly, Humanely-raised bison grown in North America.
Crafted by hand to empower you to live fully while making a positive difference.
All sales contribute to the planting of Free Fruit and Nut Trees. The Bag of healers.
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All Bags available in Dark or Light Brown.

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Built by hand in our solar-power workshop to last a lifetime.

Highest-quality, grass-fed bison is stronger, softer, supple and improves with age.

Designs refined for daily use to create incredibly simple, functional, natural bags,

Each bag is a gift to empower you to live with strength and purpose.

Each sale enables us to plant free, healing fruit trees, nut trees & medicine plants.

Please choose small, medium or long strap length at checkout.

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