Grass-fed leather
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
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The Best Belts.

Stunning works using grass-fed bison leather in conjunction with master wire wrap artist, Chris W.


The highest-end belts available online. Indulge in our gallery here.

Strong. Sturdy. Beautifully Textured.

Masterfully crafted. Life-long-lasting.

Genius design. Visionary character.

Environmentally responsible.

Supports bison, supports free public food forests.


Sales contributed to world-repair.

A medicinal artifact to empower your greatest life.


Invest in the best belts available on Earth.

Purchase All belts made to fit. See sizing guide
below. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
One-of-a-kind works.
Guarenteed. Any
adjustments for size
made free of charge.