Grass-fed leather
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.

In 2016, our main artisan took the reigns to build an exceptionally holistic project in Newtown CT, the home where our shop was born and raised.


For one year, Andrew worked through every potential hoop to ensure that a one-mile, completely edible, ecological restoration planting would be installed at Fairfield Hills, a public park in the heart of the community.


This trail, the first of many projects to come, was born out of a need to see a greener, healthier world. The process involved a series of meetings with local boards, the Park Authority, Land Use Department, Board of Selectmen and Recreation Department. Over the course of months, permission was granted, articles were published, and energy for the project was conjured throughout the town. Volunteers began to swell through online sign-ups, and by June, all of the funds were raised. We purchased the plants, assembled teams,and  brought in truckloads of mulch, minerals and water. On the morning of June 11th, more than sixty glowing hearts arranged with shovels in hand to plant the New Fruit Trail. Together, we planted a beautiful legacy.


All of this work was possible thanks to sales through Greentek artisans; specifically, Mangold Leather. It took countless hours of design, preparation, presentations, sourcing materials and attending meetings in order to make the Fruit Trail happen. The project itself was born out of funds secured through donors and foundations, but the time and energy needed to conduct and sustain our work is made possible through Greentek artisan operations like Mangold Leather.


The Earth is very good to us, it's time that we are good to her.






The Newtown Fruit Trail

Check out highlights from our installation and process.

Visit the website at for more on the project.

Bulk divisions from the Greentek Nursery.

Left: Celebrating as we bridged the first two sections of the trail.
Below: Our nursery in Montague, MA, supplied a percentage of plants for the project.



Mangold Leather is an artisan operation of the Greentek Network, an organization that exists to perform edible, ecological restoration wherever the land is in need of repair. Just like the Fruit Trail, Greentek conducts unique restoration events that restore the health of the land, plants, animals and soil, while providing free food to the people. Greentek events are collaborative, celebrational gatherings that transform both land and people as we dance into a better world.


Greentek is fueled through operations like Mangold Leather. Collectively, the organization is a growing network of completely autonomous sites/operations that work as one to generate the plants, food, funds and fuel to heal the land.


Greentek sites are established on spaces that have been restored by the network itself, creating an entire restoration resource network that sources everything from within, enabling us to perform world repair full-time; planting trees every day, and dancing wildly every night. This is the life we love. This is how we heal the Earth. This is what we love.


Scroll through these images to see the work we are doing for our world, and the pleasure of the process. This work is as healing for us as it is for the land itself. Join us, if you feel called. You are welcome.

Photo: George Duncan

Photo: George Duncan

Photo: George Duncan

Photo: George Duncan

Native Pawpaw tree growing at the Fruit Trail. Large black flowers support butterflies. Largest tree-fruit in New England, boasting mango-like fruit related to sour-sop and sweet-sop. Incredibly hardy and easy to grow once established. Plant Asimina triloba everywhere!

Photo: George Duncan

The Fruit Trail brings productivity back to the landscape, drawing on native plants that benefit wildlife, ensure biodiversity,

and provide free fruit, food, and medicine to all. The Fruit Trail is a space of peace and production,

paving the way toward a more fair, balanced and bountiful, beautiful world.

Fruit trees, everythwhere! Join in on the decadence of world repair, yourself!