Grass-fed leather
Serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
Mangold Leather bags are sourced exclusively from grass-fed, humanely-raised bison, grown on North American farms. - Scroll down for the whole story. Grass Fed Bison Leather
Grass Fed Bison Leather Stronger. Softer. Durable. Elegant.

Mangold Leather hides are thick and supple, featuring an incredible, pebble-grained texture that always improves with age. These hides come direct from humane, grass-fed bison farms throughout Colorado, where the animals are grown for meat, living a natural life on native prairie-like conditions.


Like the animals themselves, this material is exceptionally rugged, beautiful, strong, and empowering.


Thanks to these bison, we are bringing you bags, hats and belts made from the finest material that land can create.


Every item that leaves our shop is a gift to help you become everything that you have the potential to be. It's time to inhabit this planet with pride, courage and joy. Every piece from Mangold Leather is made to accompany you during this precious, beautiful adventure called life, and to fully reveal your gifts to the world. There are great changes coming to this planet; it is our turn now to write history; to craft our own brightest future. These bags, hats and belts are tools and companions for you to more effectively engage in the healing and transformation of our planet...


Join the rank of healers, artists and dancers, who are working daily to build a better world. Join us as we build a land where all are free, where there is abundance for everyone and each person is celebrated for embodying their own unique gifts, talents and medicine.


Bison are a symbol of dignity and intelligence within the animal kingdom. They symbolize a life lived in harmony with the land; a species who inhabit bold, comfortable lives, yet whose very existence improves the land on which they grow... Bison's once-mighty herds swelled across the prairies of North America, leaving a wake of rich, luscious soil wherever they roamed. The massive layers of topsoil that are the pride of western growers is all thanks to bison and plants of the past...


They are not lost. They are not forgotten. Bison are regaining their strength, just as humans themselves are regaining their connection to this living planet, and to their will to see her growing healthy and in balance again. Bison are a symbol for the world to come, a world in which humans may enjoy rich, decadent lives while living in direct contribution to the health and balance of the world around them.


Mangold leather is here to assist those who are ready to restore their planet. Our products are for you, healer, to empower your path. Our products, likewise, are for us, to enable us to play our role in the active restoration of our beloved planet Earth...


Every sale contributes to the planting of free fruit and nut trees through our home organization, Greentek. Our shop is part of the Greentek Nursery, which exists to grow plants and trees that are used in edible, ecological restorations throughout North America. Mangold Leather enables us to persist full-time in the healing of the landscape, the growing of our plants and the continuation of projects within the global restoration campaign.


We are all one people, sharing one planet. I love you each and all, and I am so grateful to be among you, contributing to an even more beautiful world than this Earth would ever be without us.    -Andrew M.


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