Grass-fed leather
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.

© Copyright Andrew Mangold

Hats and Helmets displayed below:

All aviator-style hats for immediate sale. Custom headwear created for film, theater and recreation.

100% functional, heavy-duty design. See descriptions below.


Faun Aviator: Creature hats transport a wearer immediately to another world. Bison leather caries the magic, hand-cut, stitched and assembled authentically as the characters would themselves. Faun pattern includes carved wooden horns and formed ears that appear more part of wearer's head than of the hat.


Wolf Aviator: Two tough textured leather ears rising from the crest of the form. Uniquely notched and textured.


Studded Aviator: Simple as it may seem, this hat can only be composed by a true master of the craft. Perfectly measured pattern assembled without flaw to create more of a helmet than a hat: heavy, thick, fused into form by tight, interlocking spikes, arranged in an evolving grid to achieve complete head form. Pattern leaves just enough room for a few tasteful embellishments; rings; piercings; spikes on cartilage of the earcap. $1,000


Lost Boy Hat (Aviator, Shaman): Highly detailed aviator form with hollow plume. Capable of pulling long-haired wearers' tail out and through. Many layers of detail, include reassembled pattern pieces, unique methods of assembly, secured, carved thorns, barbs and ornaments, artistic stitching, and total of six fixed antler tips. $800


Forest Cap: Grass-fed leather, recycled fur. 18" tall. A legendary form come true. Broad stitching, slightly raised ridges. Lightweight and warm. Pebbled texture. Welcome fairytales to life!  $300


Standard Aviator: Shown in blue. Available in black and brown. The standard base of many Mangold Leather creations. Perfectly refined, time after time, to achieve a hat that fits perfectly to form, comfortable to wear, thick, completely functional, and beautiful to behold. A hat meant for humans. $250


Pirate Cap: Based off of characterized imagery of pirates. Tricorner. Two pieces of material with simple 'X' details stitched into upper sides. $225


Gremlin Hat: An early design, resurrected for its functional nature. Great for camp and faires. Gremlin features inverted horns that are not attached but part of the helmet pattern itself. Great for regular use. Stands up to children, harsh weather and sweat. Square-shaped horns provide cartoonish appeal.  $350


Art Helmets: Including Rhinoceraptor, Leather Gladiator, Samurai, Pink Monster, Racing Helmet, Puck Hat Fit for use in film and theater. Designed as sculptures, sold as art. High attention to detail, unique forms, techniques and material. Replicatable patterns and variations on theme available. Wide range of aesthetic

Write with description of your project or needs. Anything is within our ability. See sculpture page for more.


Mask: Masks available for custom creation. Write with design. 250$ base price.

           Shown, Albino Peacock motif for Bradno of Pollinate Dance.