Grass-Fed leather to last a Lifetime
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
All Sales Contribute to the Planting of Free Fruit and Nut Trees!

The best Grass-fed bag.

STrong, supple, superior, elegant.

Lifelone leather b bags to last a life time.

Luscious bags - companion aid on your journey as a healer, artisist, leader.


Images of our finest work.

Unique items for sale.

Custo work and inspiraton.

Grass-fed bison leather.

The greatest material that the land can create.

The story behind this remarkable material.

All sale contribute to the planting of free fruit and nut trees across North America.

SOlar-powered workshop.

All mangold leather art and acccessories, created 100% by hand using traditional methods

workshop adject/unit of our tree nursery, supporting the installation for free public fruit ad nut trees throughout north america.

The shop.

Take a tour of the shop that that briongs our work.pieces to ife/into reality.