Grass-fed leather
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
The Workshop

The Mangold Leather workshop is stationed in Montague, MA, as part of the Greentek Nursery. Our facility is 100% solar powered; a sanctuary of abundance and productivity. Here, every piece is created  one-at-a-time with incredible passion, using antique hand-tools and uniquely-conceived machines.


Here, Mangold Leather provides a firm financial basis for our larger organization, Greentek. The bags and hats that the we sell enable us direct our excess time and energy into propagating trees, drawing brilliant designs, and conducting regional restoration events. Here, we live the most beautiful lives possible while creating the most beautiful planet possible.


This is our home base; our headquarters; our sanctuary. Here, we live. Here, we work. Here, we grow. Here, we have created a foundation of strength and abundance. We have looked to the world and said, "I am here to become everything that I have the potential to be. Let me build my most beautiful art. Let me bring health to my life; to my world. Let's paint this world green with fruit trees. It's time to restore our planet." This is our pathway forward.


 The Greentek nursery is our home. Here, we excel. Here, we exist in productive luxury, while carrying out regional, edible restorations until we shift onto the longterm site.


Besides leatherwork, we propagate ginkgo, chestnut, walnut, hazelnut, peaches, plums, mulberry, kiwi, chestnuts, dogwood, blueberry, strawberry, currants, honeyberry and blackberry plants from parent plants established on-site, and from gardens we have planted through New England. We grow native flowering plants, edible perennial greens, and a complete host of medicinal species that provide not only lowest-cost plant stock for our projects, but barrels and bushels of the best food, fruit and medicine to serve ourselves as we carry out the work.


All of our stock comes from mother plants that are established at the nursery, and from mature plants across all of our planting sites. We have chestnut and hazelnuts of 7 years coming into bearing, multiplying by hundreds of seedlings! These are supplementary plants in addition to those purchased made from other nurseries. Every purchase through Mangold Leather however, allows us to step toward complete autonomous, generating every plant and resource that we need internally, in order to conduct world repair indefinitely!


































The shop is a foundation of strength as we move into an ever better world. Here we love. Here we work. Here we create the best leather belts bags and hats that this world has ever seen. We have plotted our course, and every week, as the work is done, Mangold Leather, Greentek, and all of our friends bring a storm of passionate energy to every local dance and gathering.


Collection of bags en route to consignment.

Working in the shop. Photo by George Duncan

Plants on their way to a public garden.


Life never had to be difficult. Earth can be our paradise. This life is ours to do, be, create whatever we wish. Take it one step at a time. Actualize the life, the home and the planet that you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s happening here! This is our time.


At the Greentek nursery, we rest deeply. We wake up to decadent brews, enjoy long hours in the shop and indulge in the garden, enjoying the luxury of drawing up brilliant new landscape designs. Every weekend is time for another installation, or another ecstatic dance event in our incredible community. Here, we exist at high potential, leading the edible, ecological restoration campaign, and bringing incredibly beautiful gifts of leather to you.  <3

Every stage of the process is an act of art. These pattern pieces are a beautiful arrangement on their own before being stitched.

The next form is as alluring as the last. An exquisite shape before the final bag.