Grass-fed leather
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
All Sale Contribute to the Planting of Free Fruit Trees
Mangold Leather exists to support the restoration of planet Earth.
We work in concert with Greentek, an organization that facilitates widespread edible, ecological restoration.

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)

Planted by Mangold Leather in a public CT park to support birds, bees, and butterflies, while providing decadent fruit to all, cleaning the air and water, and building a more balanced world.

Mangold Leather's workshop produces bags and belts that allow us to propagate hundreds of fruit and nut trees that are planted for free on public and damaged land. We perform 'edible ecological restoration' to: - Heal the landscape - Clean the air and water - Provide free food & medicine - Restore biodiversity - support wildlife - Build a more beautiful, balanced world. Emphasis on Native New England Species: - Persimmon - Cherry - Chestnut - Aronia - Pawpaw - Serviceberry - Mulberry - Elderberry - Hazelnut - Chinquapin High-value fruiting trees: - Pears - Apple - Peaches - Cherries - Hawthorn - Berries - Plums - Ginkgo
Thank you for supporting our work!
It's time to restore the Earth!