Grass-Fed leather to last a Lifetime
serving the Restoration of Planet Earth.
All Sales Contribute to the Planting of Free Fruit and Nut Trees!
Wholesale and Purchase information

Wholesale: We are equipped to supply large volumes of products in a few weeks notice. We retain complete integrity to our bags and belts, no matter the quantity. Please email for volume discounts, or download our wholesale catalog here. All stock is provided with printed material and tags, describing who we are, what we do, and why our grass-fed leather goods are the best products available.  Always printed and shipped with recycled material.


Consignment: We actively produce collections of items to be sold through consignment agreements at shops. If you would like to carry our goods through such an agreement, please email Consignment batches include 4-6 bags, 8-10 belts, and a display of cuffs with one or more optional showcase hats. We will compose a selection of goods to suit the taste of your shop or business. Retail prices vary according to location and agreement.


Live Purchases: To make a live purchase, attend one or more of the events that Mangold

Leather participates in every year. To visit shops that carry our work, see the list below:


          Live events:

                Newtown Arts Festival, Newtown, CT.


                  Atlas Farm Store, Deerfield, MA

                  ArtRageUs1 Collective, Brattleboro, VT

                  Greenfield Gallery, Greenfield, MA

                 New Morning Market, Woodbury, CT


Sizing: All items are made to fit our customers. Please provide simple measurements for

every purchase according to the guides on each page. For wholesale orders & consignment,

we provide a range of sizes, from S/M/L on all bracelets, belts and bag straps.


Policy: Handmade goods come with slight variation between every bag, belt and hat. No two items will be exactly alike, yet no item will leave our shop without passing a strict inspection for quality, comfort and aesthetic. We provide the best leather goods. If any purchased item does not fit as desired, or measurements were improperly entered at checkout, we will create a new piece in accordance to new measurements. Please send unique new measurements/adjustments along with original item to our shop, and we will promptly create the new item for you at no charge.


Bag Straps:

Our straps are simple, and non adjustable. Please enter short/m/long at checkout. If you require a slightly longer or shorter strap than provided, merely write us with new preferred length, and we will send a new strap at no charge. All wholesale/consignment purchases are provided with an additional 'short' and 'long' strap to keep available if customers desire an adjusted strap length. Easy, rugged snaps.


Large Sculptures:

         Elephant Head, Rhino Head, Monster Head, and Artist Helmets demonstrate the range of our work. They are finished art pieces, displayed to delight and inspire. Our ability with leather is deep. We are equipped to create incredibly elaborate sculptures, creatures and costumes at the drop of a dime. Please inquire. Until then, these sculptures are available for display, sale, and adoption to galleries, homes, or any other space that will benefit from unique, intensively-creative art/wall-mounts, such as sets for film & theater.

            All sculptures are created by lead artist, Andrew Mangold, one-at-a-time . These are rigorous pieces to create, absorbing hours and hours for weeks and days. The result are products unlike anything else in the world for strength, durability and unmistakable, inherent presence. These are charged; born of living material that nearly breathes when set on display. You will not find anything like these creations anywhere in the world. It takes incredible patience, vision and vigilance with supreme understanding of the material to hand stitch these pieces, built with empathy for both the creatures whose skin once lived as for the creature now newly being born.

            Patterns conceived one at a time, cut, dyed and sewn into form over weeks by hand with complete sensitivity for the material and quality of the finished piece. New pieces are displayed for sale here at as inspired by the artist, and new pieces may be made upon request. We can conceive of entirely new patterns, or work off of an existing template. Pieces are created to meet your needs, and variations from our sculpture page are welcomed/encouraged.

             Pieces are priced in the range of 10-50,000. Write to receive a  reply about any work in question. Andrew is more than willing to create new pieces suited to your design, or o conceive of new creatures to create. We can blend elements to build a sculpture, wall-mount, costume or artifact, drawn out of etheric realms into our own for your pleasure or project.


Love: We love you. These are gifts. We are here to provide exceptional products to enhance your life. Mangold leather does not exist to absorb gross profits, but to sequester funds back into the restoration of our planet. Our creations are gifts for you to excel in your life; tools to most effectively carry your dreams into reality, living fully and beautifully every step of the way... That is who we are, and that is how we have brought Mangold Leather to life; focused, ecstatic, with deep purpose to offer great bags, and plant many trees, loving every stitch as we go. If you are dissatisfied, please write us and explain what is going on. Read our reviews however, and be assured that these bag are well loved by countless other people across the globe. Namaste.